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Euro-Asian Jewish (EAJ) Policy Papers, No 27 (9 December 2019)
Israel, Japan and its Jews
TerritoryEast Asia

Photo: Jewish area of Sakamoto International Cemetery (Nagasaki, Japan)

Relatively large Jewish Communities in the Japanese cities of Kobe and Nagasaki, which go back to the 16th and 19th centuries c.a. almost disappeared after World War II. Currently, between 200 to 1,000 Jews, manly expats, mixed family members, and ethnic Japanese that converted to Judaism live in the country. Although this ethnically and culturally diverse community is small, its role in the local public discourse is not neglectable. And it is able to make a substantial contribution to a positive background to flourishing Israel-Japanese economic and political contacts.

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Founder and host of the virtual community 'Jewish Roots in Japan', Associate Expert of the IEAJS


Academic Chairman of the IEAJS, lecturer in political science and sociology of modern Jewish communities, Ariel and Bar-Ilan Universities