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Euro-Asian Jewish (EAJ) Policy Papers, No 31 (3 Feb 2020)
The Jewish Autonomous Region of the RF – Reality in Research

The opinion poll conducted in the Jewish Autonomous Province of the Russian Federation in the course of the EAJC comprehensive study of the post-Soviet Jewry, and published by the Inst. For Euro-Asian Jewish Studies showed numerous indications of the specific identity of the JAP Jewish and non-Jewish population 30 years after the beginning of the mass (F)SU Jewish emigration, including Aliya to Israel. Still, there are elements of the essence and framework of this identity that despite a few important publications yet to be studied thoroughly. Including the worm and close relations of the JAP citizens with the Birobijan landsmanshaft communities in Israel.

For the full version of this article in Russian please follow the link.


Historian and political technologist; Senior Researcher at the Institute for Comprehensive Analysis of Regional Problems of the Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Birobidzhan